A compact, lightweight, upright 3-string fretless bass

Easy to learn, fun to play, and a breeze to travel with!
Retiring! I sold my last bass (#347) on May, 8th 2017.

I still have the GBD string sets available. To purchase a set, send a check or money order for $20 to:
Kona Walkingbass
PO Box 531
Holualoa, HI 96725

Konabob performs in Kailua-Kona and around the Big Island of Hawaii. See the KONAWEB.com Hawaiian Music Events page for his schedule.
-Photo by Colleen Ricci

Dick Jeffers
performs on his Walkingbass with "The Houston Hot Shots" and the "Sunshiners" in Houston, Texas. A professional musician who plays a variety of instruments, Dick says he has performed over 600 gigs with his Walkingbass.

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The Walkingbass is a truly amazing, lightweight, upright bass!

Weighing less than 3 pounds, the Walkingbass folds up and fits in less than 50 inches of space, making it very easy to travel with - even by air! But its portability is just a side feature...what makes this upright bass such a joy to play, is the rich warm tone provided by nylon strings, and a specially designed electro-acoustic piezo pickup. If you have a good set of speakers or headphones, check out the MP3s and videos below.

These rugged, electric, upright basses feature beautiful Hawaiian koa or other tropical woods. They can handle heat and humidity and their 37 inch scale length and the 12 black and white position markers on their sides make them easy to move around on. Playing a fretless instrument has never been so easy!

But, what really turns peoples' heads? Only three strings! Yes, that's right...only three strings. In all the examples listed below, I am playing in an open G tuning: G-B-D. This open tuning is extremely easy to learn, can be used in any key and for all types of music, from jazz, swing and blues, to Hawaiian and Country.

Ordering Strings.

Call 808-322-4714 between 9 AM and 5 PM Hawaiian Standard Time.
Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover Card accepted!
If ordering strings, please provide us with the serial number of your bass
found near the jack on the low end of the instrument.

Download "Beginning Walkingbass" - Lessons in PDF format
Download "Intermediate Walkingbass" - Lessons in PDF format
A Quick Video Lesson on the Kona Walkingbass - Part 1
A Quick Video Lesson on the Kona Walkingbass - Part 2
Tips for Walkingbass Owners

You can tune the Walkingbass to a standard A-D-G using a custom-made string set.

A great little amp for playing the Walkingbass anywhere! Roland Bass Cube
Roland Micro Cube Bass Amp is an inexpensive 10 watt amplifier which can handle bass instruments. It runs on batteries or 110v. It also has a built in tuner, drum machine to help you practice your rhythm holding skills. It also has a built in equalizer, a complete portable system that sounds great!
Amplifying the Walkingbass

Acoustic pickups are sensitive to finger noise. An equalizer is recomended to filter out this noise and boost your volume. The Boss GBE-7 is a 9 volt bass equalizer/preamplifier that works well with the Walkingbass. When playing through a regular guitar amplifier, adjust your equalizer to limit frequencies above 270 hz. Add a couple of 6 to 8 foot guitar cables, and you are ready to play anywhere!

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