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Umeke's (Kailua-Kona) * * * *   Posted by on Thursday, 7 April 2022, at 11:01 a.m.

Here is another review that the following statement applies to: "I've put off reviewing _______ for years, because it's always busy anyway, without a review! But during COVID shutdowns, Konabob's and my appreciation for reliably good restaurant food has risen. It seems that the restaurant survivors of COVID are still around for good reasons: they serve good food, are efficient, and have good customer service. I believe they should be lauded for their efforts and high standards."

We absolutely LOVE the new Umeke's location at 74-5599 Pawai Place. Such an improvement. A very pleasant outdoor dining situation (indoor dining is available, as well), friendly and professional staff, and fantastic food. For what more can you ask? This is one of the very best places to go for fresh fish and poke on the island, so it is generally very busy. It is not inexpensive, but the portions are generous. Usually lots of parking, but the day we were last there, the big parking lot in back was closed because they were having a concert there later. Raves abound for the Poke Bombs (a variety of their fresh poke served in cone sushi wrappers), the Ahi Katsu (incredible, though you may want to get the sauce on the side. This tip could apply to many of their dishes, as the restaurant is a bit "saucy"), the fish tacos, and the large, heads-on shrimp with unagi sauce. A large menu, with something for everyone. They made tempura tofu tacos for Konabob, since he doesn't eat fish. Full bar. Open 11am-9pm every day. Phone: 808-238-0571.

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