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Kona, Hawaii
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Habaneros (Keauhou) * * * *   Posted by on Thursday, 1 October 2020, at 8:47 p.m.

I grew up in San Diego, so my craving for Mexican Food is sort of like "soul food" for me. Of course, there are many regions in Mexico that have their own style of Mexican food.
Habaneros has many different styles of Mexican food, fortunately. I've eaten there all times of the day, but usually for lunch or dinner. This isn't an expensive place to eat, by Hawaii standards. Top price for a complete meal is around $16. not including reasonably priced self-service drinks. The alcohol available consists of American & Mexican bottled beers you can buy from a cooler next to where you order.
Location: In the Keauhou Shopping Ct. near the movie theater, next to "Subway."
This Habaneros has always been most a "take-out place to eat. The quality is far beyond any other place such as this that I've ever known - here is Hawaii it is TOPS!
I've had pretty much everything on their standard menu, which is very good. Habaneros standard menu includes "Chimichangas" = fried burritos as well as taco salads with friend flour edible bowls.
However - their specials are even better - especially the spicing of the fajita dishes and their street tacos - my fave is the "al pastor" tacos with pineapple marinaded pork strips.
They have black beans as a substitution for refried beans. They get the order correct when it specifies many factors. They offer either hot or very hot sauce in little containers.
The people who work there are really sweet to deal with and deserve your tips.
An example of this: when I showed up to order without a mask by mistake, (I'm a "regular" customer, but masks are required for entry at this point in time,) The guy who takes orders hopped up and got my order at the door.
Highly recommended! Let's keep this shop in business!

The kind I call "Baja" style is Best at "Lucy's" on Hilo side.

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