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Restaurant Reviews

Kona, Hawaii
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Cafe Ono (Volcano) * * * *   Posted by on Wednesday, 26 August 2020, at 10:32 p.m.

CAFE ONO is in the Volcano Village area. They serve only healthfood and it is FRESH and delicious; it's the freshest and tastiest health/vegetarian food I have ever had!! In fact the freshest food I recall ever having, period. The prices a great value, surprisingly low prices for all we got. Lunches we had were $16 and $18 over the last 2 days, & always VERY filling! For dessert we had the daily-fresh carrot cake and I don't recall ever having better! We ordered, then were served outside on the immediate beautiful grounds with pond.
This small cafe is on the 3 acre grounds of Volcano Garden Arts. There is a New Zealand rabbit named Noble who has a lovely home & eats very well. Owner Ira is an artist from NYC, has owned the property for 18 years. He and the female kitchen staff are very friendly and genuinely so.
There are many many beautiful art, clothing, jewelry & decorative things for sale inside the building. Such a wide and varied collection that it really merits a look.
Cafe Ono was closed for a while after the pandemic hit. They are now open but only on Saturdays and Sundays, 10a till 2p.
I think the average diner who eats here will never forget the unusually pleasant experience. - Harry A.

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