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Blue Dragon (Kawaihae) x   Posted by on Friday, 11 October 2019, at 11:57 a.m.

Really disappointed in the reopening of the Blue Dragon. Menu available is simply a bar menu--no entrees. Also the cost is outrageous. No healthy options; the majority of the items fried.
Sweet potato fries for $8 completely dried up and small in size. Fish and chips with local catch $21 with only 2 pieces of Ono and the same dried out sweet potato fries. Ceasar salad very small for $12--crazy. Add $15 more for fish or meat. Meals served on paper plates. Three of us dined there with no beverages and the bill was almost $100. To add insult to injury there is an additional $7 per person cover charge if you stay for the music. The only redeeming quality was the attentiveness of the wait staff. Very friendly. Save your money and go elsewhere.

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