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Kohala Coast, Hawaii
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Charlie's Thai (Kohala Coast) * * * *   Posted by on Friday, 22 February 2019, at 4:32 a.m.

Charlie's is in the Queen's shops. If you like great curries, a really top notch lunch special featuring fresh fish lunch and attentive/welcoming service I don't think you can go wrong with Charlie's. Our family has enjoyed this restaurant for a decade. Our strongest recommendation is the food was great the first time our family dined at Charlie's and it has remained consistently good. Anyone who's lived here for a while knows that's not as common on island as it sounds. Part of the reason is Charlie is in the kitchen cooking everyday and the wait staff are the same young ladies that have always been there. I think they're all family. Also, the lemongrass tea is delightful. On the heat scale, I'm from NOLA so as you might imagine I enjoy spicy; having said that I still only do medium spice at Charlie's. Hope you all enjoy!

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