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Daylight Mind Coffee Co. (Waikoloa Beach Resort) x   Posted by on Wednesday, 16 January 2019, at 5:00 p.m.

What has happened to Daylight Mind in the Queens Marketplace? This used to be our go to place for breakfast, but in one single week we experienced two disasters.

We went with some relatives from Seattle for coffee and breakfast. Our guests ordered the regular drip coffee and it was undrinkable. I asked to taste it as I ordered a mocha made with Kona coffee which tasted fine. Their drip coffee was exceedingly astringent and bitter and actually curled ones tongue. The cups were replaced with a fresh batch but the results were the same--bitter, bitter flavor, completely undrinkable. This is really odd for a place that professes to be a coffee house.

Later in the week we met some friends for lunch. We were informed that they did not have any avocado. Strange, because many of their sandwiches were listed on the menu having avocado. Ordered the ramen soup instead and were informed that they had no ramen noodles. At that point we should have got up and left but we ordered cheeseburgers cooked medium. The burgers were completely dried out, overcooked and even difficult to swallow. All were completely dissatisfied with our meals and we expressed our feelings to the waitress who simply shrugged it off.

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