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Aloha Vista Cafe (Keauhou) * * *   Posted by on Thursday, 3 January 2019, at 8:30 p.m.

My friends and I have enjoyed two lunches here and plan to come back often. First, the view is amazing -- diners are hovering right above Keauhou Bay and watching boats, kayaks, paddlers etc. enjoy the water. The restaurant is open-air and spacious. Both times our waitress has been stellar -- not only friendly but organized, bringing to-go boxes and the check (with a genuine "no hurry" to us), before we had to ask and seeming genuinely happy that we liked the place.

The main attraction for me is their sweet potato fries, the best I've ever eaten -- thin, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. A big pile of them with four pieces of battered fish make up the fish and chips for $15. We had fresh ono one day, and fresh mahi another. Top quality.

We've also tried the club sandwich and BLT, both served with either sweet potato or regular fries, for $14.50 and $10 respectively. Very good sandwiches. A friend had the big salad with chicken breast and found the chicken too salty.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner -- you can find the menus on their web page. Breakfast runs around $10, which isn't easy to find any more, is it? Dinners are in the $25 range, which we haven't tried. For the beautiful view and open-air atmosphere, very good service and low prices, I think the Aloha Vista is a terrific value for lunch and I do recommend it. I haven't tried the fish tacos yet, but a neighboring table had some and they came with rice, beans and salsa -- a very tempting looking plate.

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