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Kohala Burger & Taco (Kawaihae) * * * *   Posted by on Thursday, 12 July 2018, at 5:16 a.m.

If there is anything frustrating about this place is that we've somehow missed it all these years.

They are located in a small strip center just up the hill from the harbor and above and behind the Harbor Gallery and could be pretty easy to miss so keep your eyes open makai.

The front part has a quaint store atmosphere with: Hawaiiana, T-shirts, local signage (I bought a custom one for Puako!!), get the idea.

The girls (sorry, anyone female under 40 is a girl to me) who took our orders were warm and friendly as well as very knowledgeable about the menu.

The seating area is a little tight with 4 picnic style tables and a window with a view of the harbor.

Now the good stuff; The food was Fantastic. The name is Burger and Taco and that is what they do best so I'll skip my wife's chicken strips.

The burgers are about as good as they come and supposed to be locally sourced. I have no reason to doubt that since they were excellent. Since they have limited space and feed a lot of people you can't tweak their specialty burgers. If you want tweaking, order the "build your own." The fries that come along aren't unique but they were very good and cooked perfectly.

The tacos were where this place really stood out. My daughter and I love fish tacos and we were very pleased with what we got. We both got the Island Style the first time we went and left absolutely nothing in the basket when we left. You get two tacos that are filled to the brim and still hot from the grill with the cold stuff (cabbage, sauces, etc.) cold and crisp. The price fluctuates based on what it cost them coming of the boat, so it's not really cheap eats, but I've paid a lot more for a much lesser taco.

There is also the occasional special. The last time we ate there (honest to god, it was on the way to the airport!) they had a "Poke" burger that I had to try. I love burgers and I love poke. It was a burger made with local Yellowfin Ahi and a spicy mayo. The nice lady that recommended it to us when she took our order and then delivered it to table wasn't really surprised when I offered to give her a hug later. It was probably the best thing I've had in a long time.

Don't get me wrong, KB&T isn't perfect. The dining area is tight and can get a little warm in the afternoon. The occasional tourist can really back up the line trying to figure out what they want. Of course if I wanted perfect I'd just stay in the resorts.

Come for the food, you won't be disappointed. Stay for the staff, they were great!

p.s. If you see someone in expensive clothes and a rolex, help them out. They're probably lost.

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