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KH6FHI: I need Whilimina Rise to subside 800 ft....Thanks and have a good evening
Sat, 5:12 PM
WH6BY: Joe, yeah, not real strong here either, but maybe things'll pick up.
Sat, 5:10 PM
KH6FHI: Thanks Al.Im not hearing a thing....need a beam I guess
Sat, 5:09 PM
WH6BY: 18.150, USB QSOs happening right now.
Sat, 5:06 PM
WH6BY: I have closed the Web Roster.
Sat, 5:01 PM
WH6BY: I have opened the Web Roster.
Sat, 3:51 PM
KH7MU: set up at iolani campus
Sat, 3:07 PM
KH7MU: I am monitoring 7.088
Sat, 3:02 PM
AH6GT: WA7ZK, AH6SN, and I will be running Field Day at NELHA today. Come join us if you can!
Sat, 6:35 AM
Sat Morning - Waiting for new posts.
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