More than you need to know about how the "Share a Photo" system works -

TIP: Think about getting you photo(s) ready before the net, 
    and post one before you take your turn. Then talk about the photo.

1. Find a photo on your computer or phone* that you would like to share.
    Most photo files are under 4.5 megs. If they are larger, you will need to
    resize them before uploading.
2. You can do this using any photo editing software such as Photo Editor for
    Windows 10, or Preview for Mac. There are several online photo editors. 
3. Now you are ready to Share. Click the "Share a Photo" button, and a
    window will pop up that asks you to "Choose File" on your computer,
    then "Upload Photo." (There is a link to an Online Photo Editor on this
4. When you click the "Upload Photo" button, you will see the word "SUCCESS"
    unless your photo was too big or not a jpg.
5. Finally, type your CALLSIGN, and click the button that says
    "SHARE YOUR PHOTO". A message is posted to the QRZ Box with a link
    directly to your photo.
    Once this is done, click the "Back to" button.
    As other posts fill up the QRZ Box, your link will move down the list and
    eventually drop off the bottom of the list of messages. However, all shared
    photos can still be viewed by clicking the link at the top of the list that
    says "If there are any Shared Photos currently, they will be listed here
     until 3:00." All photos are deleted at 3:00 am, 11 am and 3:00 pm, 
     along with the posts in the QRZ Box.