Any Station can open the Web Roster! (Watch the Video)

Some NCO's don't have computers in their shacks. Why not help them out?
Start by writing your list on paper and while the first station is transmitting:

1) Enter your callsign, the Net that is being opened, and the band it is on,       then click "OPEN THE WEB ROSTER".
2) When the Web Roster Edit Screen opens, start by clicking on the
      Net Control Station's callsign. You will see this station appear in the
      large white box.
3) Click on each station in the order that you want them to appear in the
      list. Stations can also be typed into the white box, marked QRT, or
      deleted. Whatever is listed in the white box will appear in the
      Web Roster each time you click the "SAVE CHANGES to ROSTER"
      button.       EASY!

PLEASE REMEMBER to close the Web Roster when the Net closes!
Just click the RED BOX at the bottom of the Roster Editing page!