If you type a message, it will show up on a white background in the QRZ Box. No text notifications will be sent out.
Selecting a message from the dropdown menu to let fellow hams know what frequency you are monitoring. Add details (frequency, mode, or how long you will be monitoring), by typing them into the blank field before clicking the "POST" button. These notices will be on a light yellow background. Selections beginning with an asterisk (*) will send out text notifications.
To post a Web Address, copy the address and paste or type it into the blank field, but do not add any other text! The system will then post the Web Address as a live link on a green background.
Messages to the Net Control station appear on an orange background.
Notices from the Net Control stations will show up on a red background.
The QRZ Box is a place to post temporary messages to other hams.
Messages are limited in size, and are auto-deleted every evening. If you wish to post something longer or longer-lasting, use the 40meter.net Facebook page, or emal notices directly to AH6GT.