KB5OWT: Net Control, I am going QRT
4:27 pm HST
KH6HHG: Bob and I will have to go QRT. Thanks for the net today.
4:26 pm HST
AH6GT: Visitors arrived - I am QRT
4:17 pm HST
KH6PXM: *I am monitoring 5.371.5 USB
4:16 pm HST
WH6BY: Yep. Gine
4:15 pm HST
KH6PXM: Can barely tell Mark is talking, now nothing.
4:15 pm HST
KH6PXM: The band is gone.
4:15 pm HST
AH6GT: F2 is a 0 mhz.
3:55 pm HST
The QRZ BOX reset at 1:00 pm. (23:00 GMT/UTC)
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