KH6PXM: I have closed the Web Roster.
Sun, 9:39 AM
KH6DH: PXM=22,XL=57,GT=33,DK=32,CDO=57, others zero
Sun, 9:38 AM
KH6DH: s9 local QRM next to 5371.5 passband
Sun, 9:36 AM
KH6PXM: Net moved to 5.371.5 USB as of
Sun, 9:31 AM
KH6DH: AH6IO=ok this time 33
Sun, 9:24 AM
KH6DH: conditions poor, PXM=56,XL=56,UV/IO/FQI=zero,6M=54,GM=33,DK=32
Sun, 9:23 AM
KH6PXM: I have opened the Web Roster.
ALOHA NET is on 3.880 mhz √
Sun, 9:00 AM
KH6PXM: *I am monitoring 3.880
Sun, 9:00 AM
KH6PXM: I am monitoring 3.880.00 MHz. Waiting for the Aloha Net
Sun, 8:47 AM
Morning - Waiting for new posts.
if you have events or notices for fellow hams.