5 Steps to Get Yourself on Peanut!

1 - Download the FREE Peanut software:


If you have a Mac, you can create a virtual android
device by installing

... Or Runs on Linux, Windows, and Android,
but you have to purchase the dongle for under $125.

2 - Get an activation code:

Attach a jpg of your ham license.
You should hear back within 24 hours.

If you don't already have one,

3 - Get a DMR number:

1 - Scroll to the bottom of this page,
      "AGREE" to the terms, & click [Register Account].
2 - Fill in the short Account Registration form.
3 - Now, "Signin" (link is on the left side of the page.)
4 - Do fill in your Callsign, First Name.
     Other fields - up to you.
5 - [Save]

Once you have your "code" and "DMR Number",

4 - Open Peanut and click [SETUP]

1 - Enter your CALL and Code
2 - Click [QUERY DMR ID] and your code will appear.
     Nothing else is actually nescessary.
3 - Click [SUBMIT]

(Write down your "code" and "DMR Number". You never know when you might need them for a new device.)

5 - Peanut is now ready to go!

The 2 dropdown menus allow you to choose what
Room you are monitoring. (and what language you speak)
Set the left menu to [PEANUT] for starters.
Set the right menu to [ENGLISH] or English1, or USA
You may hear hams talking. Break in when the chance
arises, by pressing the PTT (push to talk) button.

If the room is not in use, say something like:
"This is (your callsign) located in (your QTH) monitoring"

The Peanut Dashboard

Shows you all the activity in the different rooms.
Try typing "ENG" in the upper right corner for a list
of stations that are currently monitoring the English
and English1 Rooms.