Notices for Hams in Hawaii!
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Monthly Meetings & Events
Ranch 99 Food Court in Mapunapuna
Dennis (KH7MU) invites all interested Oahu hams to meet for lunch at noon on the first Wednesday of each month.
The Hawaii VOAD Repeater Test (146.720, - pl 100) Is held from noon for the one hour - 1200-1300 HST on the First Saturday of Each Month.
When checking in please give your callsign spelled phonetically. After the check ins are taken, we will take callsign, name, location, power, antenna model number and antenna elevation above MSL.
Maui Amateur Radio Club (MARC)
will meet on the air via the VHF and UHF linked repeaters OR virtually via Zoom until further notice. Our regular meeting time is 7:00p on the second Wednesday of the month. More information is available on the club website
Oahu - EARCHI meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month, starting at 7pm. Meetings are held on zoom.
The website is located here:
Contact Heather (AH7RF) if you have questions or to sign up for the Zoom Link.
BIARC Meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 2:00PM using Zoom. Contact William (NH6ET) for more information or contact to sign up for the Zoom Link.

Nets in the Hawaiian Islands
HF Nets, Statewide
All frequencies are Lower Sideband (LSB) unless indicated.	
Depending on conditions, these nets may open on 40, 60 or 80 meters.
• Aloha Net - Meets daily on 7.088* at 9:00 AM HST.
• HI-Noon Net - Meets daily on 7.088* at Noon HST.
• Hawaii Afternoon Net - Meets daily on 7.088* at 4:00 PM HST
• ARES Net on Wednesday night 18:30 ARES net is on 7.088.
• Sunday Evening "Bandhopper Net" - Meets on Sunday Evening at 
    8:00 PM on 7.088, 3.888, or 1.857 as conditions permit.
• NBEMS-HI Fldigi Practice Net - Meets on the 2nd Tuesday each
    Month at 7:00 PM on 7.090 USB, 3.580 USB or 5.3175 USB.        
• StateWide HealthComm net meets the first Saturday of every month
    9:00 AM HST, on 7.080, 3.835, or 5.3715 USB 
    11:00 AM hst, HealthComm WINLINK Peer to Peer Practice net on
    7.080USB or 5.3715USB
    Contact Jack at for notices.
Six Meter Nets (E. Hawaii)
• Tuesday evenings at 7pm HST, 50.110 USB, host Bob KB6EGA

• Weekly Allstar Newsline Broadcast Sunday at 1530 HST
• Weekly Allstar Net starts Sunday at 1600 HST
• The Big Island Monthly Siren Net is on 1st working day of the month.
• Roll Call at 11:30 HST on Hawaii Allstar Network.
• Adopt a siren contact if you are interested!
• Allstar frequencies:  

Other Nets
• Aloha Chapter 10-10 Net Mon. at 6:30 pm HST, 28.490 - Irene NH7PE
• Kauai Alii Net (10 meters) Saturdays at 12:00 PM HST on 28.730
• BIARC C4FM Net Mon. at 7:30 pm 444.950 &
    8:00 pm 444.600 Roy WH6FYK