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Nets & Clubs in Hawaii!
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Radio Clubs in the Hawaiian Islands

Kauai Amateur Radio Club - KARC Click Here for Events

Oahu - EARCHI Click Here for Events

Oahu - Koolau Amateur Radio Club Click Here for Events

Maui Amateur Radio Club - MARC Click Here for Events

Big Island - BIARC Click Here for Events

HF Nets in the Hawaiian Islands

HF SSB Nets, Statewide

All frequencies are Lower Sideband (LSB) unless indicated. Depending on conditions, these nets may open on 40, 60 or 80 meters.

• Aloha Net - Meets daily on 7.088* at 9:00 AM HST.

• HI-Noon Net - Meets daily on 7.088* at Noon HST.

• Hawaii Afternoon Net - Meets daily on 7.088* at 4:00 PM HST.

• ARES Net on Wednesday night 18:30 ARES net is on 7.088.

• Hawaii Tech Net every THU. on 7.088 at 7:00 PM HST.

• Sunday Evening "Bandhopper Net" - Meets on Sunday Evening at 8:00 PM on 7.088, 3.888, or 1.857 as conditions permit.

• StateWide HealthComm net meets the first Saturday of every month 9:00 AM HST, on 7.080, 3.835, or 5.3715 USB

HF Digital Nets, Statewide

• JS8 DIGITAL NET on Tues. & Thurs. at 6:30 PM HST on 7.070 USB

• JS8CALL DIGITAL NET on Friday at 8:00 PM HST on 7.070 USB

• NBEMS-HI Fldigi Practice Net - Meets on the 2nd Tuesday each Month at 7:00 PM on 7.090 USB, 3.580 USB or 5.3175 USB.

• 11:00 AM hst, HealthComm WINLINK Peer to Peer Practice net on 7.080 USB or 5.3715USB Contact Jack at tsujimur@hawaii.edu for notices.

All VHF NETS, UHF Nets, HF Digital Nets
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