Logging Your HF Net

Attention: This is not a Web Roster. It does not refresh, or display real-time information.
It is to be used only by the STATIONS who will be logging nets. If you are not
the station that is logging a net, please LEAVE THIS PAGE without submitting the form.

Stations Checking In:
Net You wish to Log*
Net Frequency
Date Net Started
Time Net Started (HST) :  *Required
Time Net Ended (HST) :  *Required
Enter Your Callsign
Total Number of Stations Listed ⇐ At least 3 REQUIRED!
Only when your net is closed
and all stations have been listed,
check your work carefully - remove blank lines from the list of stations, then submit
this form.

Once you Submit this form,
you will not be able to edit the information.

Contact Joe Tabrah (AH6T),
and he can make corrections for you.

*Contact AH6T if you want to add/edit/delete an HF net to those listed here.

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