Keith Iwamoto is a Man on a Mission

One simple statement changed Keith Iwamoto's life forever. His father, who was slowly losing his battle with cancer at the time, looked at Keith and told him he was proud of the man that Keith had become. And since that day, Keith has been on a mission to live up to that goal.

It's not like Keith ever fancied himself the black sheep of the family or anything. He was just your typical Hawaiian youth, more interested in the beach than anything else. The youngest of five children, all born and raised in Hilo, he had so many people looking out for him that he never had to take any responsibility. At least not until his father really needed him.

Devastated when he learned that his father was quite ill, Keith took the opportunity to spend as much time with his father as he could. It was during one of those moments that he and his father had this very special talk. One that touched Keith so deeply that he has taken that statement and formed it into his own personal mission.

"Once I graduated from high school, I learned pretty quick that I had led a sheltered life," Keith says. "That's why what my father said to me that day made me so proud. I knew then that I had achieved at least the first part of my goal of becoming a man." He had cleaned up his act and sent himself to college. And, along with working his way to a degree in business from the University of Hawaii, this conversation with his father helped Keith to begin a career that he was proud of too.

He knew that the traditional business route was not for him. So, he combined his love for Hilo with his desire to help the people here by becoming one of the areas top real estate professionals. From the beginning, Keith was a natural. Actually, there was almost no choice but for him to do well. He knew that if he was going to live up to his father's expectations, he had to be on a mission to give every single one of his clients the best service that he could.

At times working night and day, Keith has achieved this goal by two simple methods - first he listens to what his clients want, and then he keeps working until he delivers. Of course, getting there isn't so easy. It takes the years of experience both in real estate in general, and the "Hilo side" market in particular, that only a hometown professional like Keith can provide. And when you combine this professional knowledge with his intense personal dedication to provide the best service, you have everything that it takes to get the job done.

So, if you are interested in real estate on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii, give Keith Iwamoto a call. Find out what it's like to work with a professional who is on a mission to see you reach your goals.