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Purposes of the Forum:
  1. To promote aloha, and respect between the many people who love the Big Island.
  2. To help people who have questions about moving to or visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, either by giving them needed information or inspiration.
  3. To help people meet other people with similar interests or experiences that will be beneficial to them, perhaps making the transition to becoming a resident of the Island a little easier.
The Forum Rules & Terms of Membership:
  1. I understand that lewd, rude, crude, mean-spirited posts, angry ranting (political or otherwise) or personal attacks against other members on the forum or sent by KONAWEB Mail my cause my membership to be terminated without notice.
  2. I understand that the Forum are not to be used for commercial advertising of any kind. If you are a paid advertiser on KONAWEB, you may answer questions pertaining to your business, but don't post ads on the Forum.
  3. I will not post news stories, articles or website content without the expressed written consent of the owner of that content.


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