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Dolphin policy

Posted by Kevin Z on Sunday, 24 July 2022, at 9:46 a.m.
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In response to 145268: Spinners, posted by Dr D on Sunday, 24 July 2022, at 7:56 a.m.

re: nocturnal vs dinural:

Understood, without a doubt and with no argument. And as for enjoying them from a distance, I support that wholeheartedly.

There’s no question that in the most generalistic terms, humans adopt a human-centric view of their environment. Only with solid knowledge, study and education can we find the best general practice of interacting with the environment in a way that benefits all sides. We are part of the environment and any philosophy that negates this point is flawed.

Chased by humans - there’s nothing good about that and I would vigorously oppose allowing that.
Dolphins approaching and interacting with humans - is this intrinsically wrong; negative; positive; neutral?
We have an opportunity to study this. The result of the sudden absence of humans on dolphins is now observable. Why not evaluate this and consider all outcomes? Why not withhold judgement until this can be assessed?

Please allow me to pose my point in a different way: Are we to assume that any human intrusion upon the dolphin environment is intrinsically bad?
If any aspect of my habitat, one that I’m comfortable with and accustomed to, were to suddenly change, would I not react to it? Is that reaction positive, or is it negative? Does it benefit my family and community, or is it deliterious?
Has this been considered in the case of dolphins? I’m aware of the study by OHSU staff Gregory Timmel, Sarah Courbis, Holly Sargeant-Green and Hal Markowitz which concluded that:
“Increasing levels of human activity had a limited but measurable effect on the movement patterns of Hawaiian spinner dolphin groups at this site.” Does “measurable” equate to “harmful”?
Have either their affinity for, or avoidance of, human presence as it relates to their inborn cetacean behavior, been qualified or quantified? It would seem to me that any approach that seeks to modify a human presence, and that ignores these points, would be faulty from the get-go. If nothing else, the current situation allows a wonderful opportunity to assess these aspects, and establishing policy before all facts are known violates good scientific practice.

I believe that NOAA has taken a scientifically myopic approach with their implementation of policy. (no offense meant toward marine mammal specialists). Dogma is dangerous policy.
That’s just my three cents’ worth.


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