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Who will prevent this?

Posted by Dennis on Friday, 26 June 2020, at 5:36 p.m.
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Hawaii has been identified as one of the rapidly emerging CoVid hot spots along with Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Montana. The Big Island in particular is going to get hit hard with the relaxing of public protections, which have been characterized by public health experts as "disastrous." Young people between 15 - 35 have been identified as the major transmitters. People with no symptoms (asymptomatic) now have been identified as major transmitters as well. It is now confirmed that young people and asymptomatic carriers suffer lasting organ damage despite the absence of symptoms. It is also confirmed that exposure, illness, or negative test results do not result in immunity.

At best, any vaccine will provide partial immunity for a maximum of 2 months. Worst case scenario, the vaccines currently being rushed into development by the government using companies that were formed only days before the government decided to pump money into vaccine development, could prove to be ineffectual. Best case scenario, the vaccine into which Bill Gates has donated billions of dollars, based on the clever premise of a synthetic vaccine that attacks not the virus itself but its mechanism for invading cells, will pan out. In fact, such a vaccine if successful would theoretically be effective against any and all viri, including influenza and the common cold.

Experts say don't relax public health restrictions until November. Our mayor says "open the floodgates and let the eldery, diabetic, asthmatic, and heart patients die, so that I can continue to get lavished with campaign contributions." It is, of course, understandable, that people need to work and the County needs revenues so that the Mayor and the Council can continue to feed off contributions from private interests. Nevertheless, when the dust settles and the "herd immunity" deaths start to pile up, who is going to stand up and say, "I could have prevented this?"


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