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CoVid Testing tomorrow at Old Airport - short notice

Posted by Dennis on Thursday, 19 March 2020, at 5:02 p.m.
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Here's a note from Laura today:

Will you please share this with our community? Frank and I were asked yesterday to help with a viral screening that will take place at the Old Airport tomorrow with a medical group from Honolulu that includes Lt. Governor Green. Because of our medical backgrounds and our community involvement they sought our support which we are happy to provide. Because they have decided to have boots on the ground tomorrow, Friday, there is not a lot of lead time for our public to know about this. I do not have times at this point. Have everyone check the TV news tonight and the WHT paper tomorrow. Here are the criteria for getting screened:

Here's the criteria for testing:

Hawaii Clinical Screening Criteria 3/19/2020


1) Dry Cough and fever (the most common symptoms) but you may have other upper respiratory symptoms

2) If have recently returned from anywhere in Asia or Europe
(please note China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Iran represent high risk countries)

3) Travel within the US to Washington State highest risk, but all flight from any US destination to Hawaii- moderate risk

4)Working in the Health Profession

5) Working in a skilled nursing facility

6) Workers in direct contact with waste management including hotel workers

7) First Responders

8) Prisons, jail, correctional facility

9) Working directly with homeless population

Hawaii Specific Considerations:

1)Workers in high trafficked Tourism including the following:

for examples:

Front desk
Flight attendants
Airport counters
Kiosk attendants
UBER/CAB drivers and more


At this stage we are not doing asymptomatic screening. Critical supplies including Viral Test Kits are in short supply

Appendix for medical professionals

Below are the general descriptions of risk exposure

1. High-risk exposure (close contacts*)
• A person living in the same household as a COVID-19 case

• A person having had direct physical contact with a COVID-19 case (e.g. shaking hands)

• A person having unprotected direct contact with infectious secretions of a COVID-19 case (e.g. beingcoughed on, touching used paper tissues with a bare hand)

• A person having had face-to-face contact with a COVID-19 case within 6 feet and > 10 seconds

• A person who was in a closed environment (e.g. classroom, meeting room, hospital waiting room, etc.)with a COVID-19 case for 15 minutes or more and at a distance of less than 6 feet

• A healthcare worker (HCW) or other person providing direct care for a COVID-19 case, or laboratoryworkers handling specimens from a COVID-19 case without recommended PPE or with a possible breach of PPE

• A contact in an aircraft sitting within two seats (in any direction) of the COVID-19 case, travel companions or persons providing care, and crew members serving in the section of the aircraft where the index case was seated [4] (if severity of symptoms or movement of the case indicate more extensive exposure, passengers seated in the entire section or all passengers on the aircraft may be considered close contacts)

2. Low-risk exposure (casual contact)

• A person who was in a closed environment with a COVID-19 case for less than 15 min or at a distance of more than 6 feet

• A person having had face-to-face contact with a COVID-19 case for less than 15 min and at a distance of greater than 6 feet

• Traveling together with a COVID-19 case in any type of trip (*or travel or more than 12 hours on a plane) Remember, the virus may not be detectable if you are completely asymptomatic and you may develop symptoms after being screened. So be certain to remain vigilant and call your healthcare providers (PCP's) for questions

Scott J Miscovich MD
Senior Advisor Hawaii LG Josh Green

President and Founder
Premier Medical Group Hawaii
46-001 Kamehameha Hwy
Kaneohe, HI 96744


   Δ postponed until Monday 3/23
    Amanda S -- Thursday, 19 March 2020, at 10:26 p.m.

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