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overdue reply about Kona coffee shops -

Posted by Harry A2 on Tuesday, 25 February 2020, at 12:15 p.m.
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I meant to send a public response weeks ago about coffee shops and didn't finish it. But anyway yes I went to Kona Coffee and Tea a few years ago and it seemed pleasant and sane both in staff and customers. At that time I always preferred the San Francisco Coffee shop on Ali'i Drive just for the location, the people watching along Ali'i Drive, the closeness to THE OCEAN - always huge in my book - the colorful neighborhood of Kona Village. The staff at S.F. Coffee weren't usually the friendliest bunch (tho a couple were) - one young bloke even asked me, "Do you know Jesus?" He wasn't there long.

I still walk to Kona Village a lot, love the old buildings, the ocean, the colorful sights, love to sample the music at Gertrude's. And eating at Canoe Club with that beautiful view across the Bay (and sometimes added treat of seeing "He who presides" - Bazooka the feral cat.

Hi Harry Pritikin - sending you an email.


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