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Coverage Info for mainland Kaiser members

Posted by Lisa WB on Tuesday, 19 November 2019, at 4:35 p.m.
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Aloha, just wanted to give a heads-up to snowbirds and part-time residents that if you have Kaiser medical from another (not Hawaii) state, Kaiser will only provide some limited services (like flu shots) at the Kona clinic. Kaiser refers non-HI members to outside non-Kaiser clinics. Not sure how this is handled, because we were only getting shots.
We were told that if you have been seen for something in the past at the Kona clinic, then you can continue to be seen for that particular issue, but nothing new.
Why? Seems it has something to do with Kaiser HI not getting credit for seeing people with mainland Kaiser plans. I guess this would sort of make sense except they said it only applies to Hawaii and Kauai islands, so if you are on Maui or Oahu then they will treat you like you were a regular member. So (for lots of reasons), stay healthy!


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