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Interview about recycling change

Posted by Sherry B on Saturday, 19 October 2019, at 12:22 p.m.
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For those interested, below is the promo for my interview about the major changes to recycling with Bill Kucharski, head of Dept. of Environmental Management, and Greg Goodale, head of his Solid Waste Division. I suggest you listen to the online or podcast version, as it's about 5 min longer than the over-the-radio version, and we cover more about WHY they close transfer stations or green waste sites on very short notice.

Hawaii County's recycling program has changed drastically--ONLY cardboard, brown paper bags, and glass, and at "select" transfer stations, they will put a bin for cans. NO newspaper, no office paper, no plastic at all...get the scoops, and hear what Hawaii County Dept. of Environmental Mgmt's Director Bill Kucharski and Solid Waste Chief Greg Goodale plan to do to help us be more sustainable. Island Conversations, with host Sherry Bracken, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, 6:30 a.m. KWXX (101.5 Kona, 94.7 Hilo) or at 7 a.m. on B93.1 in Kona, B97.1 in Hilo. OR, listen anytime at or -- or search for Island Conversations on your phone and subscribe to the podcast. It will automatically pop onto your phone every Sunday, for convenient listening.


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