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Great to know!

Posted by Dennis on Saturday, 12 October 2019, at 6:35 p.m.
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In response to 143582: New Recycling Rules after October 16, posted by Shirley on Saturday, 12 October 2019, at 1:03 p.m.

Great to know! And where are the "select" stations, I wonder? How much do they charge for disposing of metal cans? Did anyone notice that Spam is the most widely consumed product in Hawaii? Still no mention of what to do with the ubiquitous plastic that will no longer be accepted. You and I know what will happen to it. The highways and adjacent properties are already lined with garbage. Great photo and video ops loom large on the horizon for Trip Advisor. Need we not mention the continent-sized swirling plastic continent of debris off our coast. Undoubtedly people will be lining up to sort and dispose of their wine bottles, pickle jars, and cosmetic jars in the landfill, and politely throwing their other glass containers out the windows of their cars. (As if)

Good work, powers that be!

"Changes to County of Hawai‘i Two-Bin Recycling Program – New List of Acceptable Materials Starting October 16, 2019

"Due to significant decreases in the global market for recyclables the County of Hawai‘i will no longer accept some of the types of materials collected in the Two-Bin Recycling Program at the Recycling & Transfer Stations. The County will continue to monitor market conditions and research potential environmentally-friendly and economical alternatives to divert materials from our landfills.

The Two-Bin Recycling Program will collect only (Starting October 16, 2019):

Corrugated cardboard. No food or other contamination (e.g. pizza boxes)
Brown kraft paper bags (e.g. paper shopping bags)

Glass bottles and jars will continue to be collected in separate glass bin (clean non-HI-5 containers such as wine bottles, pickle jars, cosmetic jars). No caps, covers or lids.

Small clean metal cans (e.g. soup, canned meat & vegetables, pet food) will no longer be allowed in the Two-Bin Recycling Program; they may be recycled in the scrap metal bins at select Recycling & Transfer Stations."


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