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Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Lime, Hand Catch

Posted by Lawrence on Saturday, 5 October 2019, at 7:10 p.m.
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In response to 143549: Using a blower on coquis?, posted by Michael 78 on Wednesday, 2 October 2019, at 8:19 p.m.

Years ago UH studied all the potential methods to kill coquis. They found these products and others are very effective. They have permission to recommend Citric Acid. The manufacturers of the other products would not give permission. Since you can legally buy all these products it is "legal" to kill the little buggers with any of them. You can also use a sledge hammer, if you can get them to sit still! Heck, I know one lady who uses Wasp Spray. It goes 10+ feet and not surprisingly, it kills them. Hand catch & kill is probably the best, if you can find the little guys, I've never been very good at it. Most people say they only go 6-10 feet up a tree or plant. That they prefer substantial plants or trees, not bushy shrubs. Apparently they also like to be under a big leaf or branch as it “throws” their voice!

Below are the methods I've used.
Warning...use at your own risk. I have written this message to describe my own activities, I have used this stuff, but I cannot recommend it to anyone. Each of these chemicals is toxic (duh, it kills the frogs!). Don't get it on your skin and sure don't breath it into your lungs. Wear long pants, shoes & socks, long-sleeve shirt, goggles, gloves, a hat and a mask. Ok, if I haven't scared you off yet, here goes...

I have used Citric Acid as a spray solution. It doesn't hurt plants and it seems to work the best. It is no good for farmers as it is too expensive to use for large areas. It has to get on the frog or they have to walk through the residue before rain washes it off. Farm & Garden has Citric Acid powder. About $20 for 5 lbs, makes 2-3 gallons of spray.

I've used Baking soda by throwing it in front of a leaf blower. It is about 95% as effective as citric acid. It is not too expensive. It is a little hard on plants but most don't mind it. It becomes a cloud going in the direction of the blower. If it gets on the coqui, he dies. Best used at night so you can blow it right at the bugger. Rain washes it off and it's gone. Costco has 8-10 lb bags of Baking Soda for about $10. (last week I had to go to Ace & get 4lb boxes...more expensive).

I've also used Hydrated Lime with a blower. It is very inexpensive. It is also the most toxic. The plants love it as it's a fertilizer. It's finer than soda so it becomes an even bigger cloud going in the direction of the blower. (don't park your car 100ft downwind unless you want it covered!) If it gets on the coqui, he dies. Best used at night so you can blow it right at the bugger. It's also useful to hand scatter on the ground because the coquis come down out of the plants and hide in the leaf debris during the day. If they have to crawl through the Lime, they die. Rain doesn't wash it away as much as soda. Farm & Garden has Hydrated Lime in a 50lb bag for about $30.

Good Luck, Lawrence


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