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My System

Posted by Mark S2 on Wednesday, 13 March 2019, at 1:38 a.m.
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In response to 143150: L solar, posted by Richard B on Monday, 11 March 2019, at 7:04 p.m.

I am not against net metering per se. I said 'it looks like it uses power from the panels before Helco' because I have not completed installation yet and cannot report on just how it works. I can only report how the company says it does.

The issue with net metering is this. Net metering is a somewhat complicated process requiring approval from Helco, meeting certain requirements by them, allowing them to come and disconnect your system, and so on. While a solar provider would do this on your behalf, I have heard stories of people having to wait and/or not being able to qualify for net metering.

Since this system does not put power back into the grid, it eliminates those issues.

I took 2 panels out of the boxes, plugged them together, leaned then against my tractor and pointed towards the sun. I measured about 70% of rated output as they were not in the correct position. Not bad for a few minutes work. I am having some construction done along the south side of the house and will mount the panels in that area soon.

I chose 2KW worth of panels. I am not trying to overcome all usage, just make a dent in it. Since the panels I have are self-installable, I can just add panels two at a time as I wish.


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