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Posted by Jane B on Wednesday, 19 December 2018, at 4:38 p.m.
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In response to 142948: Downtown Kona, posted by Curt W on Wednesday, 19 December 2018, at 10:22 a.m.

I have lived here 15 years and am a single 61 year old woman. I have also become very aware of the increasing homeless problem in our sweet village and it breaks my heart. I am small in stature and could be an easy target. That said, I have never had a frightening experience, ever. Strange and bazaar encounters, for sure, but not to the point where I was scared. That's been my experience over the years, whether I'm walking on Alii Drive or anywhere on this island, day or evening. I am in town on Alii Drive almost daily. If I come across someone who is off the rails (on drugs or mental illness) I simply ignore them and just keep on my way or cross the street. If they seem truly needy and sincere, I make eye contact and give them aloha. I have never been bothered or threatened. Are they an eyesore, yes. I just avoid them. Do I feel safe in Kona? Yes! I just go about my business and avoid situations that look sketchy. Aloha


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