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And so the story goes

Posted by Dennis on Sunday, 10 June 2018, at 1:40 p.m.
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In response to 142299: The purpose is to spread "Aloha"? Not happening here., posted by Shana K on Sunday, 10 June 2018, at 6:47 a.m.

Interesting take. Actually, I haven't posted all that much on Konaweb in many years, until Our Lady of the Perpetual Tennis Visor and I bumped into Konabob and Shirley at Safeway one morning a couple of months ago and shared a few hugs and laughs. I first discovered this forum about 20 years ago as I was preparing to move to Hawaii. I was searching for moving services and quotes. Back then, it was the "Moving to Hawaii Forum." Realtors have always been steady sponsors and contributors, though some have moved on. The forum's stated purpose in those days was to provide information for people (like ourselves) getting ready to move to the Big Island. A separate forum was devoted to providing insider information for visitors. One of the highlights for participants was the monthly Konaweb party at Old Airport Beach and the videos Konabob took of the people who attended. (I was the one who claimed to be a tourist from Russia named "Raskolnikovsky." Old timers may also remember my ducks. My home video of the late Squirt the Duck, after all these years, is still the most famous duck video on the internet. Konabob even wrote a review about one of my books, which includes two chapters about living in Hawaii largely consisting of Konaweb humor from the early 00s.) An independent, unaffliated "Living in Hawaii" forum arose in 2000, only to disappear after 9-11. The "Moving to Hawaii Forum" then became the "Moving to and Living in Hawaii Forum." Some time ago, the "Visiting" and "Moving To" forums were merged into one, the "Big Island Forum." However, there happened to already exist a bulletin board site called "The Big Island Forum," devoted to political messages posted to the attention of the governor and his staff. After the economic collapse of 2008, the original Big Island Forum faded away. Undoubtedly, the current version still fulfills its original mission(s) of providing meaningful (and occasionally entertaining) information about moving to, living in, and visiting our ever-expanding rock in the middle of the world's largest watery mass, while subtly facilitating the sponsors, several of whom we ourselves have used over the years. Living on the Big Island, talk-story and humor are deeply ingrained in society, culture, and everyday life. I have a Hawaiian friend who thinks "Pele is angry." As for what she's angry about, we don't need to go there...

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