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Puako General Store Grab n Go (Kawaihae) * * *   Posted by on Tuesday, 4 April 2017, at 6:45 p.m.

The Grab n Go is the deli inside the Puako General Store (in Puako, of course.) They have freshly made sandwiches daily and they are sooo much better than the soggy things one finds at gas stations. There is also freshly made hummus, salads to go, fruit bowls to go and every Friday is "Poke Friday." The chef from the Blue Dragon, Noah Hester, is creating the goodies for this deli and is also catering under the name Puako Provisions and Catering. The food is excellent and the menu varies depending on what the farmers bring in. One day I had the loveliest tomato soup made from fresh local tomatoes. A week ago there were fruit bowls with pineapple and amazingly flavorful chunks of coconut. I've seen some of the catering menus as well......really exceptional fare. There is outside seating on the front lanai of the store, which has a great selection of beverages and other foods too. The store also stocks locally made items that are worthy souvenirs and anything a person might need for hitting the beach. One last thing, the food containers and utensils are all made of compostable/environmentally friendly materials.

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