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Amici Vista in Keauhou (Keauhou) * * *   Posted by on Tuesday, 7 March 2017, at 6:10 p.m.

Had lunch at Amici's at the old Vista location on the golf course in Keauhou. The dining area seems brighter and more spacious. The big-screen TV and huge potted plants have been removed. Furniture is nice. The view of Keauhou Bay is wonderful. Only distraction was the back-up warnings on the golf cards, that noise was ongoing. We arrived at 11:30, just a few other customers. By noon, there were two large groups as well as more than half the other tables were filled. The menu is somewhat limited but there's something for everyone: soups, salads, sandwiches, one breakfast, a couple of pasta dishes, fish, and pupus. I had fish and chips. Fish was excellent, fries were so-so. My friend had seared ahi salad, it had a fancier name than that. She said it was excellent. We drank iced tea and topped the meal with a dish of chocolate gelato. Service was fine, attentive; may not have been so for those who arrived after the two large groups. I noticed two servers. They open at 10:30am, happy hour from 3-5pm. Friends have had dinner there numerous times and all say it was fine. The dinner menu is more expansive/expensive. We didn't order anything from the bar. Lunch prices were about what you expect with a dramatic ocean view, $14-18. Depending on how busy the golf course is, you may have trouble finding a parking spot. You'll eventually find one but you may have a bit of a jaunt to the restaurant. Based upon today's experience, I'd go back to Amici's but there's nothing on the menu that I'd be craving or be lathered up for. It is nice to have another choice in Keauhou. Looking forward to the old Jameson's/Anthony's location at Magic Sands to be opened sometime this year. I've heard it will be a more casual menu than the old days.

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