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Mai Grille (Waikoloa Beach Resort) * * * * *   Posted by on Tuesday, 15 March 2016, at 11:16 a.m.

Mai Grille at the clubhouse of the King's Golf course is serving excellent breakfast and lunches. For the foodies on the island, chef Allen Hess is cooking incredible dinners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The food is wildly inventive and utilizes lots of molecular gastronomy techniques to offer an entirely brand new take on island flavors and ingredients. There is limited seating and the experience is much like what one would get at world class restaurants like the French Laundry or Ink. The menu is set up by Farm, land and sea sections each offering dishes meant to be shared. We had seven dishes plus dessert split among three of us over 2 plus hours. Every dish was a winner. The only drawback is that the setting is too informal for what is being served. The cost of the meal was incredibly low for the quality of the ingrediants or the intensive work involved to prepare such cuisine. The meal cost without liquor was under $150 for the three of us. A meal like that in New York or San Fransico would have been 3-5 times as much. Chef Allen, thank you for this incredible gift to us all.

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