Welcome to 40meter.net. This website exists as an aid to various amateur radio nets in the Hawaiian Islands. If your net is interested in using this system, contact AH6GT using the email link below.

The QRZ Box can be used to post a frequency that you are monitoring. It will send out TEXT or EMAIL notifications to anyone who has signed up to receive them. (See the Green button below)

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NVIS Reporting:      
StationQTHHST - Day40 Meters60 Meters80 Meters
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ReportingLocationHST - Day2.50 MHz5.00 MHz10.00 MHz.
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The Big Island Hamfest WILL NOT BE HELD ON NOVEMBER 4, 2017 as announced.

The Big Island of Hawaii International Swap meet will be Saturday 
January 13, 2018 at the Waimea Community Center, next to the 
ball field off Mamalahoa Highway in Waimea (Kamuela).
There will be a 10.00 donation per table per seller.
A 5.00 donation per attendee at time of registration.
8:00am - breakfast at Hawaiian Style Cafe
9:00am - vendor setup
9:30am - Doors open to public. Be sure to get your raffle tickets 
for the "Big ticket items".
12:00pm - Guest speakers - Presentations in adjoining room.
1:00pm - VE testing (a good time to upgrade your license)
2:00pm – Event comes to a close
Persons desiring to test for initial license or upgrade are asked to 
please bring a current drivers’ license or passport, a copy of their 
current FCC license or CSCE if applicable, and $15.00 in exact 
change (ARRL fee for 2016).  
There will be surprise giveaways throughout the day. 
Please note: This is a non-commercial event that promotes the 
trading of equipment and information between hams and the 
general public and to promote the open exchange of exploring 
Ham radio as a hobby.
Talk in 146.940 Maui Repeater, 147.32 Waimea, and 443.650 
(100 Hz tone) 
For more information contact: Steve Milner – wh6n@arrl.net

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