Welcome to 40meter.net. This website exists as an aid to various amateur radio nets in the Hawaiian Islands. If your net is interested in using this system, contact AH6GT using the email link below.

The QRZ Box can be used to post a frequency that you are monitoring. It will send out TEXT or EMAIL notifications to anyone who has signed up to receive them. (See the Green button below)

THE QRZ Box:      
Fri Morning - Waiting for new posts.
NVIS Reporting:      
StationQTHHST - Day40 Meters60 Meters80 Meters
Fri Morning - Waiting for new reports.
WWVH Reporting:    
ReportingLocationHST - Day2.50 MHz5.00 MHz10.00 MHz.
Fri Morning - Waiting for new reports.

Adding Pictures to your QRZ Page
It really is a lot easier than you might think. Here is a video by 2E0GNW that shows you how to snazz up your page with photos, text, and links in just a couple of minutes.

If you choose one of the "I am monitoring.." selections in the QRZ Box,
a text message is sent out to any station that has signed up for notifications.
If you post a URL to the QRZ Box with no other text, the link will be live!

The 40meter.net Widget is available for your smartphone.
If you are looking at 40meter.net on your phone,
Tap Here, then make a shortcut on your home screen.