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We pay the Manager and Eng of the water dept too much

Posted by Ronald HM on Saturday, 1 July 2017, at 12:46 p.m.
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1. Reports by the chief engineer say they do NOT run them 24 hours per day. I am quite sure if they did they wouldn't last long at all since the water level has to recover. Running pumps 24/7 would eventually take too much water at once and start drawing air which would burn the pumps up very fast.

2. I doubt the wells are only 1000' deep. They are probably much much deeper but they haven't given us that info.

3. I can find no reason for using non-standard pumps. I'll bet it was the contractor cheap bidding the project using surplus cheap pumps and the chief engineer isn't smart enough to realize that that is a bad idea. Using standard pumps and we would be back online already. I am positive we are not the only ones in the world using pumps of this size so standard ones should be easily available. They probably should have considered changing the pump types already.

The mayor should take a hint from the career of Michael Dukakis when he defends the water department. He lost the election in 1979 due to his handling of the blizzard of 78. It dogged him for years...

They already have moved water trucks into position around the area. One above Costco and 2 near the civic center.

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