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Seems like a low output for 20 panels

Posted by Rich E2 on Friday, 10 March 2017, at 4:43 p.m.
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I had a 20 panel net metering system installed in June, 2011. It is rated for about 19 kwh/day since I sized it for our then-current daily average consumption rate of about 18 kwh/day. The roof where it is installed is perfect due south and there are no obstructions. I'm in South Kona at the 950 ft elevation.

Winter is, indeed, best for solar, against all instinctive reason. The sun passing through the southern skies gives more light to the panels and the diff between longest and shortest day here is only about 1.75 hours.

I've registered as much as 23 kwh in a single day of outstanding, cloudless sun.

The system paid for itself in Helco savings in 5 years, last June, 2016, so now I've all my money back and still reaping benefits. I suppose I'm grandfathered in to the "old way", so good for me!!

I'm surprised you get relatively low output with 20 panels of a more modern tech than my 2011 model.

We are an all-electric house, except for the tankless on-demand LP gas whole-house hot water unit. We go through one 10-gal (40 lb) tank of gas/year. We have all CFL lighting. I was surprised at the number of lights our house has when I converted, but you having 75???? Wow!! Nowhere near my count. Being a retired couple, we rarely have more than a very small number of lights on at any given time of night..often as little as 2-3.

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